March 25, 2016

Mary Harrell's Imaginal Figures in Everyday Life is an amazing, beautiful book which explores complex ideas and renders them in a manner such that the reader is able to relate to those concepts and ideas. Henry Corbin first coined the term "imaginal"...

February 11, 2016





"As I read [Imaginal Figures in Everyday Life], I felt I was in the company of a wise, compassionate friend whose human suffering resonated so much with my own.  Mary's courage, deep looking and astute insights shine a light for our own healing j...

January 3, 2016


"Bravely personal and yet deeply universal, Mary Harrell opens the door into another realm and invites us in.  Through a daring plunge into the soulscape of her own life, Mary shows us the timeless, eternal figures that play out in the imaginal real...

February 16, 2015

Goodchild's book, Songlines of the Soul,  brings groundbreaking scholarship and excellent writing to an idea whose time has come. Goodchild carefully weaves a story that has been quietly evolving over time, a story about a reality and consciousness t...

February 3, 2015


In Robert Romanyshyn's Leaning Toward the Poet: Eavesdropping on the Poetry of Everyday Life, quiet gifts of longing and remembering float elusively from page to page. Romanyshyn's poetic images, both offerings and seductions, beckon the reader to b...

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September 12, 2016

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