If the Unconscious is Unconscious, How Can We Come to Terms with It?

February 5, 2016

To touch the participatory rhythms of an in-between, enchanted world and, to engage with the many figures that dwell there, requires only the desire to do so.  C G Jung has said that to stay with the image is the first step in coming to terms with the unconscious.  For Jung, to "stay" with the image means to maintain a self-reflective, conscious  attitude toward the images, feelings or intuitions that emerge from the depths.  The second part of the imaginative process, which is illumination, then follows, moving with the speed of a lightening strike, or with the pace of a glacier.  An expeditious time frame is not our call.  IMAGINAL FIGURES IN EVERYDAY LIFE: STORIES FROM THE WORLD BETWEEN MATTER AND MIND is an offering, an illustration of this process in daily life.  In this book, I share with my readers the way in which engagement with image, through active imagination, has brought a gift of personal healing.  I explore too, cultural figures waiting, like shadows in the darkened wings of a world stage, to be illuminated, that is, to be fully seen and deeply experienced, so that the calamitous trajectory of the 21st century might alter its course.   ht.ly/VLVsn

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September 12, 2016

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