Building a Writing Routine

March 5, 2016


After teaching for 40 years, and having a full time psychotherapy practice, I now have much more time for writing. 

That would ordinarily be a very good thing, and it is. BUT there are some difficulties. For instance, the following problems haven't been solved yet, and they need to be solved by me!

Of all the wonderful ideas and projects floating around in my writer's head, I'm asking:

Where do I write? How can I organize my day? How do I want to organize my writing ideas? Which of the writing projects that call to me should claim my time? How much time should I give to marketing my already published book titled, IMAGINAL FIGURES IN EVERYDAY LIFE? How do I fit in time for relationship, relaxation and rejuvenation?

Whew! That's a lot! In the past I would have said, "Just begin doing something purposeful." That isn't a bad way to go, as it prevents one from becoming paralyzed. 

But at this stage of my life I want to do things differently. I want to make more choices, to think more deeply, to live more from a place of passion and joy, and less out of a place of responsibility or duty.

Heeding the call of responsibility and duty, has given me many fantastic gifts in life, like a wonderful sense of purpose, and a life of meaning and contribution. However, now in my 60's, I want to be more responsive to the things that call to my deeper heart's desires. So in a next post I'll share that "becoming" process, the adventures of my third career as a writing woman.




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