How Can Individuals Learn to Host Archetypal Experiences?

September 2, 2016


In soft whispers and quiet evocations
we are called by soul to seek the depth of a thing,
to wonder what else, or who else is present
in the cavernous mystery of lived experience. 

Through personal and cultural stories, I open my reader to different dimensions of imaginal experience and suggest that all of us can become frequent travelers within this liminal realm ( An example of entering this imaginal world (In my book called IMAGINAL FIGURES IN EVERYDAY LIFE:STORIES FROM THE WORLD BETWEEN MATTER AND MIND) is seen as I wonder at the sensual goddess impulse that becomes visible in the work of Maya Lin, the Chinese-American architectural student, and designer of the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial in Washington DC. The goddess impulses of juicy creativity,regeneration and reparation are evident too, in her more current living memorial through which she is structuring a re-membering of the planet and Mother Earth's ecological miracles. See . 

FB Mary Harrell PhD (You're invited to like this page.) - for Individual Jungian Seminars 


What is Missing?

What is Missing? is a multi-sited, multiform memorial by the American artist and architect Maya Lin that aims to build awareness about biodiversity loss and habitat protection.


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September 12, 2016

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