Looking Deeply at Ordinary Moments Opens a Tear in the Fabric of the World

September 6, 2016


To be a visionary is no longer the work of a few mystics. The language of soul is being spoken by so many in fields as diverse as quantum physics, literature, religion, shamanism, art, and psychotherapy, to name a few. IMAGINAL FIGURES IN EVERYDAY LIFE: STORIES FROM THE WORLD BETWEEN MATTER AND MIND grounds the archetypes (and therefore, mystery) in human experience. What happens is extraordinary. How do the stories in the interview below resonate with your our experience of the world? If you have an imaginative capacity, or you would like to cultivate one, you may well enjoy Dr. Dave's questions, and my own answers. 




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IMAGINAL FIGURES with Dr. David Van Nuys. 

Full video of #507 with Jungian Mary Harrell Phd

Jungian Psychotherapist Mary Harrell PhD discusses her book Imaginal Figures in Everyday Life with Dr. Dave.

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September 12, 2016

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