Imaginal Figures Award-Winning Finalist

June 5, 2017



Award-Winning Finalist in the Health: Women's Health category of the 2017 International Book Awards”
Imaginal Figures in Everyday Life: Stories from the World between Matter and Mind by Mary Harrell
Chiron Publications
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Some of the key takeaways from Imaginal Figures in Everyday Life that I hope every reader will be left with—   


As we learn to see with the organ of the heart, the ordinary can become extraordinary and mysteries can be revealed.  The sense of isolation we often feel when solving personal, and even cultural problems can transform into wise inner companionship.  Many imaginal figures are part of our own complex psychology, wanting only to be integrated into our personalities. Finally I would hope that in reading Imaginal Figures my readers will acknowledge those beings who are present in their own inner lives, hosting them as they would host invited guests, even if they are unattractive. They all have much to teach us about ourselves.


Can we use figures in imaginal experience to overcome suffering, fend off the onset of mental illness, and live a more fulfilling life?


These trustworthy images are often personifications of attitudes or capacities within us that are on the cusp of awareness.  Their closeness to consciousness is why they manifest in dreams, intuitions, or feeling states.  They want to be seen by the conscious mind so that we can become whole. They can let us know, for instance that a particular direction we’ve taken is way off base, or that we need to question an ego position. Working with imaginal figures can be helpful with the most common mental illnesses, which are mood disorders and anxiety.  People who suffer from loss, trauma, betrayal, or woundings in childhood can work with inner figures to move forward in their lives.












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