Mary Harrell, a Jungian-oriented psychotherapist and licensed psychologist, received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with Emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California. Her recently published book is IMAGINAL FIGURES IN EVERYDAY LIFE: STORIES FROM THE WORLD BETWEEN MATTER AND MIND (Chiron Publications). She is Curriculum and Instruction Associate Professor Emeritus at State University of New York (SUNY) at Oswego.  While at the university she taught education and psychology courses and served as Professional Development Schools (PDS) specialist, supporting the National PDS initiative, building bridges between elementary and secondary schools and the university. Her writings in the areas of educational reform and imaginal psychology appear in four invited chapters in edited books. In 2014 her poetry was anthologized in Syracuse University‚Äôs The Stone Canoe, a Journal of Arts, Literature and Social Commentary, No. 8.  She lives with her husband Stephen in South Carolina.  


Imaginal Psychologist  -  Author  -  Associate Professor Emeritus